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Super C Serum - A True Anti-Aging Breakthrough

Once in a while you come upon a product that's a cut above; one extraordinary serum that earns the right more

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Product Features

  • THE SKIN OF YOUR DREAMS. Miraculous ingredients deliver results you can feel and see. Vitamin C + Hydrolyzed Collagen + Marine Kelp + Hyaluronic acid + EGF + antioxidants = An anti-aging symphony
  • SCIENCE YOU CAN TRUST. Renowned biochemist Dr. Hannah Sivak, worldwide authority in skincare, delivers a precise formulation for maximum anti-aging results. Simply, a masterpiece.
  • THE RADIANCE OF YOUTH. Restores and rejuvenates skin, reversing the visible signs of aging. Epidermal Growth Factor promotes new collagen growth for luminous, youthful skin. Say goodbye to wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and sun damage.
  • YOUR FAVORITE SERUM. Gentle enough even for sensitive skin. All skin types benefit from this hydrating, anti-inflammatory serum and you'll love it so much you'll use it every day.
  • COUI Skincare - Luxury You Can Afford

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