Salvere 20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid

Maximize Your Skin's Natural Beauty and Banish Wrinkles

A day in the sun is fun and relaxing, but it can leave you with fine lines and damaged skin. These imperfections not only more

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Product Features

  • STIMULATE COLLAGEN PRODUCTION - Collagen is naturally present in the body. It is responsible for the plumpness of our skin. With age, however, collagen production begins to slow down. Our vitamin C serum will stimulate collagen production. The added collagen can reduce and prevent the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.
  • SUN PROTECTION - Our Vitamin C serum offers protection against UV rays and is also known to repair some signs of sun damage, such as discoloration and fine lines. It's the potent antioxidant properties of our serum that is responsible for reversing some signs of aging and reducing age spots.
  • BRIGHTEN SKIN - Brightens your age spots and hyper-pigmentation, or discoloration of the skin. The vitamin C serum acts as a natural bleaching agent and lightens the skin, including age spots and dark circles under the eye. In addition to brightening skin our serum can prevent mild redness associated with sun damage and can even reduce the number of sunburned skin cells.
  • REDUCE WRINKLES - One of the most powerful functions of our serum is its role in the production of collagen, a protein that gives your skin its elasticity. As you age, collagen breaks down and wrinkles begin to form. Stabilizing your skinââ'¬â¢s levels of vitamin C can help to counteract wrinkle formation by increasing collagen production.
  • REMOVE AGE AND BROWN SPOTS - When it comes to treating age spots, you donââ'¬â¢t need chemical peels and lasers ââ'¬â€œ our Vitamin C serum will give you simnilar results! Age spots are essentially sun damage, and vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to reduce the number of sunburned cells as well as reverse age-related damage to skin. While itââ'¬â¢s not a replacement for sunscreen, vitamin C protects against and may repair UV damage like discoloration and fine lines.

Product Description

Maximize Your Skin's Natural Beauty and Banish Wrinkles

A day in the sun is fun and relaxing, but it can leave you with fine lines and damaged skin. These imperfections not only age your appearance, but they take a toll on your confidence. And while some people believe this is an inevitable part of growing older, it doesn't have to be.

Don't go through life hating your skin; repair it with Vitamin C Serum from Salvere. Our powerful combination of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and Ferulic Acid offers a topical antioxidant that enhances protein cell production and collagen synthesis, improving skin's integrity and expelling wrinkles.

At Salvere, we produce all of our products under GMP procedures and keep natural ingredients at the core of our formulas. Rest assured knowing our Vitamin C Serum is as safe as it is effective. In fact, no other antioxidant technology has been proven to deliver our degree of photo-protection. The Ferulic Acid enhances the natural properties of Vitamins C and E, which includes stimulating collagen production, neutralizing free radicals, and maximizing antioxidant protection.

Why Choose Vitamin C Serum?

ââ'¬Â¢ Enhances skin's integrity by lightening brown and aging spots, erythma, melasma and hyperpigmentation.
ââ'¬Â¢ The serum's abundance of antioxidants offers preventative protection against pollutants and UV rays that can prematurely age skin.
ââ'¬Â¢ Plumps the skin, facilitating smoothness and radiance.
ââ'¬Â¢ Repairs photo-damaged skin, uneven tones, blotchy patches and blemishes.
ââ'¬Â¢ Replenishes lipids and increases firmness, reducing appearance of wrinkles.

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