Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Refreshing Eye Gel 0.5

Improved formula with increased moisturizing effect. Immediately quenches skin with essential moisture. Smoothes out fine dry lines and refreshes tired skin. Leaves delicate eye zone comfortable, more

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   2.0 out of 5
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Product Features

  • With increased moisturizing effect
  • Quenches skin with essential moisture
  • Leaves delicate eye zone comfortable

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One Response to “Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Refreshing Eye Gel 0.5”

  1. areef says:

    What is the deal with all the hush hush about Clinique Bonus Time? I used to see it advertised in the major parpes on Sundays. I live over a hundred miles from the Clinique counters. I have used Clinique for over 25 years & try to time most of my purchases for Bonus Time. That is a great way to experience new products, which I almost always buy the next go round. I can never find information anymore about when Bonus Time is! What is the deal??? It is also hard to find it online. You go to a site & get the run around which in turn sends you to another site with the same run around. Pretty poor customer service if you ask me!

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