Cataract Eye Drops with Cineraria 15ml

Cataract Cineraria Eye Drops 15ml is available by Natural Ophthalmics.


Homeopathic Cineraria
Eye Drops For
Cataract more

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Product Features

  • Homepathic preservatice free PH balanced eye drops for treatment and prevention cataract. Can also be used on Dogs and cats.
  • These eye drops contain amino acids and homeopathic nutrients that help increase circulation to the crystaline lens and muscles of the eye, helping the detoxification process and reversal of axidation of the lens and the muscles of the eye.
  • Treatment of choice in Europe, India and South America for treatment and prevention of cataract
  • Helps in delaying onset of Presbyopia (need for reading glasses) by the above process and helping deliver nutrients directly to the eye.

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