Beautifully Radiant’s Antioxidant Eye Cream For Erasing Fine

Beautifully Radiants Anti-oxidant cream will be sure to enhance the appearance, texture, complexion, and elasticity of your skin. Along with some of our key ingredients (Matrixyl 3000, Tripeptide 5, more

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Product Features

  • Although we labeled this little miracle an eye cream, it can also be applied to any other part of the face. Whether it is your eyes, cheeks, forehead, or even your neck, you will see and feel the difference when you apply it. Feel free to use this to reduce signs of aging on your hands!
  • This effective product is great to use daily, morning or night, and for all skin types and all ages! Whether you have dry, normal, oily, combination skin or you are young, middle- aged or elderly, this effective treatment is a must! Beautifully Radiant backs their products with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! That means if you are not fully satisfied with our products after 30 days, we will refund your money NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
  • How many times have you spent WAY too much money on beauty products that guarantee that Fountain of Youth only to be disappointed by the results? Well, Beautifully Radiant is a woman owned and operated company who really understands. We truly care about helping women (like you!) recapture that youthful essence, without spending your life savings. That is why we came up with Beautifully Radiant's Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream! It is the ultimate solution to hydrate, sooth, and firm those under eye bags. It will make your skin appear healthy, youthful, and more plump.
  • Key Ingredients: MATRIXYL 3000- Rejuvenates skin cells by reactivating the production of collagen in those cells, gives brilliant tone, provides excellent filling of wrinkles, manufactures elastin. TRIPEPTIDE-5- deep skin penetrating peptide, stimulates collagen synthesis in skin, prevents breakdown of collagen, moisturizing. RETINOL- antioxidant, interrupts the free-radical damage process, effective in managing acne and eczema, corrects skin discolorations, reverses wrinkles from the sun, improves pore function and shrinks enlarged pores due to clogging or sun damage.
  • Along with our advanced and scientific ingredients, most of our formula is natural (70% organic)! We combine ingredients such as Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) to help tone and tighten, and Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) to help reduce age spots, increase collagen production, and helps improve your skins defense against UV exposure! We have also implemented green tea into our mixture. This stops the signs of premature aging - like loose skin, wrinkles, age spots and fine lines - while making the complexion more moist and supple. Green tea also contains caffeine. Not only does caffeine calm inflamed blood vessels that create dark circles, it also soothes puffiness and tightens the skin, making it appear younger. These are only a few of many wonderful ingredients and benefits of this product. To see the numerous other organic ingredients found in this product, scroll down to the product description and check them out!

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